Nairobi Rivers Commission and Water Resource Authority unveils plans for cleaning up Nairobi Rivers ahead of heavy rains

The government has initiated a project for the rehabilitation of rivers in Nairobi. This action follows the development and adoption of an action plan that encompasses various aspects of regeneration. The project will be overseen by the Nairobi Rivers Commission (NRC) and the actual cleaning will be carried out by the Water Resources Authority (WRA), which is responsible for regulating water management and the use of water resources in the country.
According to Mr. Mohamed Shurie, the CEO, WRA, the exercise has so far covered approximately seven kilometers from upstream, delivering approximately98 tonnes of solid waste to Dandora dumpsite using Nairobi County Trucks. The authority has also collected over 200 tonnes of solid waste and planted 3,500 bamboo trees along a 20km stretch of the Nairobi River within the past five weeks. “The collaboration from riparian landowners has been impressive and they are requested to take care of the planted tree seedlings for their growth.” Shurie said.
In a broader context, the clean-up exercise will include mapping and restoration, drainage and hydrology reclamation, as well as the protection of riparian land. The exercise will also address waste management related to rivers, industrial and institutional waste, sewerage, and solid waste.
The Nairobi Rivers Commission and the Water Resources Authority, state agencies tasked with supervising the reclamation of the rivers, officially initiated the exercise. The goal of the exercise is to clear the rivers, which have been obstructed by various forms of material and organic waste.

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