2023 Awards

Awards Gala Dinner held on 8th December 2023


Organized Community Groups as Enablers of Sustainable Cities and Communities in Kenya

2024 Proposed Date

29th November 2024


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About Awards

The Annual Resident Associations Excellence Awards (ARAEA) is an initiative of the Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations (KARA), an umbrella body that represents the voice and pro-active action of Resident Associations on access to better service delivery at the neighborhood, County and National level.

ARAEA is designed to reward Resident Associations that have demonstrated exemplary performance in promoting sustainable development and access to better public services in Kenya. It addresses the twin issue of celebrating the work of Resident Associations in Kenya and rewarding those that have done exceptionally well in influencing provision of better services as well as championing the interests of their members. The awards also promote learning and stimulate positive competition among the Resident Associations service delivery agenda. 

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Categories and Their Significance

The ARAEA features a range of categories, each highlighting specific areas of impact within communities. These categories include:

  • Mazingira Award (Environment): Recognizing efforts that promote sustainable environmental management at the neighborhood level.

  • Usalama Award (Security): Celebrating contributions towards enhancing security within neighborhoods.

  • Mawasiliano Award (Communication): Acknowledging creative communication strategies that improve structured communication among association members.

  • Maji Award (Water): Commending work that ensures better access to water services for association members.

  • Afya Award (Health): Recognizing improvements in hygiene and sanitation conditions within neighborhoods.

  • Mihadarati Award (Substance Abuse): Honoring initiatives that combat alcohol and drug abuse in Kenya.

  • Viwanja Award (Public Spaces): Applauding efforts to protect and preserve public spaces within neighborhoods.

  • Ujenzi Award (Development): Recognizing contributions in the fight against uncontrolled and illegal development within neighborhoods.

  • Miundombinu Award (Infrastructure): Acknowledging work that has significantly impacted policy-making in infrastructure development.

We invite Resident Associations to submit their entries in one or more of these categories, demonstrating their practical contributions towards improving their neighborhoods . Join us in celebrating the transformative power of communities coming together to create lasting positive change. Submit your entries now and be part of this incredible journey!