Our Programs

These are our programs

Governance and Advocacy

KARA applies informed advocacy to address the concerns of its members and improve access to public service delivery. 

Security, Safety and Disaster Management

KARA, through its multi-sectoral Security, Safety and Disaster Management Committee
(SS&DMC) is actively involved in initiatives aimed at promoting security at the neighborhood level as well as mitigating the various security, safety, and disaster management challenges experienced across the country.

Information, Education and Capacity Building

KARA is actively involved in educating and informing the public on their rights, roles and responsibilities as far as governance and service delivery is concerned.


KARA works closely with several partners such as development partners, government, corporate organizations, community-based organizations, research institutions, environmental groups, local authorities, and professional organizations that support her objectives.

Environmental Management, Water, Health and Sanitation

KARA promotes environment-friendly policies and practices among its members. We seek the involvement of the youth, residents, community groups and corporate organizations on clean,
sustainable and livable environment.

Urban Development and Management

KARA works with various government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, as well as other actors in the urban development space to promote controlled and sustainable development in
neighbourhoods and across the country.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

KARA believes in the application of Alternative Dispute Resolution, as provided for in Article
159(2)(c) of the Kenya Constitution, as a means of resolving conflicts that involve its


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