KARA partners with Code for Africa to promote data literacy and noise monitoring in the neighborhoods

Kara has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Code for Africa (CFA) to provide a framework for collaboration on areas of mutual interest. Some of the areas of collaboration include: a) Urbanization, decarburization, environment and wellbeing which includes studies in air, water and noise pollution. b) Promoting capacity development in environmental pollution through citizen science and other methodologies that the parties deem fit.

Code for Africa (CFA)  is Africa’s largest network of civic technology and data journalism laboratories. It works as a non-partisan ‘change agent’ that offers engineering and editorial support, skills development, seed-funding, and business development services designed to strengthen digital democracy by empowering citizens with actionable information and by amplifying citizens’ voices, while also strengthening civic engagement for improved public governance and accountability. CfA works through a network of chapters and other affiliate organisations across the continent.

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