The Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations (KARA) was honoured to host Dr. Fred Matiangi, the Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communication and Technology as the Chief Guest at our 15th Anniversary Luncheon held on November 10, 2015.

The Cabinet Secretary stated that his Ministry was very keen to collaborate with KARA in addressing various service delivery challenges.

He also pointed out that as the Ag. Cabinet Secretary for Land, Housing and Urban Development, he will ensure that public spaces that have been grabbed are recovered and title deeds issued to Treasury as the custodian of the land. This process is on course and the Ministry met with the National Land Commission to identify and take action on grabbed public spaces. Mr. Patrick Bucha, the Housing Secretary was appointed as the liaison person for all Kara issues. In this regard, we request members who may be having issues that require the attention of any of the two Ministries to share the same with us as soon as possible.

We appreciate those who were able to join us for the luncheon. We will provide more updates on our engagement with the Information, Communication and Technology as well as Land, Housing and Urban Development. Read the full statement by the CS here. Thank you.