Deputy Auditor General Mr.Humphrey Wanyama 

The office of the Auditor General yesterday complained of inadequate funding and little cooperation from public institutions.


Deputy Auditor General Humphrey Wanyama said the office requests for Sh6 billion from the National Treasury annually but only gets less than half.

He said the auditor’s office has been receiving Sh2.5 billion every year, except this year when the Treasury gave out Sh3.5 billion, which is still inadequate to remunerate staff and facilitate their operations.

“If you want the auditor to look after the more than Sh1 trillion and protect those resources, you must give the office adequate funding to effectively carry out that mandate,” Wanyama said.

He was speaking at Laico Regency hotel in Nairobi during the opening of a three-day training workshop for key county leaders.

The training has been organised by the Kenya Residents Associations Alliance.

Wanyama said public institutions under audit have been withholding information and supporting documents requested for auditing, only to deliver them after the auditor compiles his report.

“Once the auditor compiles his report without factoring the documents requested for but not delivered, the institutions come complaining,” he said.

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