Nation: The Transitional Authority (TA) has accused county public service boards

of dishing out jobs to supporters of local leaders.

Chairman Kinuthia Wamwangi on Friday said there were many instances when the boards have been forced to employ people hand-picked by members of county assemblies (MCAs).

“In some cases, an MCA prepares a list of his supporters and, with the backing of the county assembly majority leaders, order the boards to hire them,” he said when he addressed members of both county public service and assembly public boards in Nairobi yesterday.

Even governors were being manipulated by the MCAs, he added.

“It is high time county public service boards stopped playing politics with jobs in the counties,” Mr Wamwangi said.

He said the MCAs have been threatening not to pass bills on county finances if certain people were not employed.

“This has to stop if you want your counties to have the right people to drive their economies,” the TA boss told the participants.

The three-day forum, organised by the Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations, was meant to educate the public service board members on prudent leadership.