Kara has partnered with the National Environment Complaints Committee (NECC), to accelerate resolution of environmental complaints and environmental degradation cases in the neighborhoods.

Under the partnership, NECC and KARA have agreed to forge a working relationship on areas of mutual interest which include: providing platforms for direct engagement with resident associations on environmental issues; greening neighborhoods initiatives; promote environmental justice through use of alternative justice systems; joint awareness creation on environmental issues, public interest litigation;  public education and sensitization on sustainable environmental management practices and residents dialogue forums to address environmental concerns and complaints by resident associations in Kenya.

Speaking during the signing of MoU by the two organizations, Kara CEO Mr. Henry Ochieng said that the partnership will enhance resolution of environmental concerns and complaints by residents and will enhance sustainable environment management practices across neighborhoods.

 “The MoU provides a framework through which KARA and NECC can build synergy on areas of mutual interest and roll out activities that are beneficial to our members. We look forward to working closely especially in embracing new technologies and platforms to address environmental concerns by Resident Associations and Kenyans in general” Mr. Ochieng added. 

The National Environment Complaints Committee (NECC) Chairman Dr. Justry Nyaberi, welcomed the partnership, and emphasised on NECC commitment not only to listening to complaints from residents but also finding sustainable solutions towards the protection and conservation of environment for posterity