KARA CEO Henry Ochieng was honored to be the Chief Guest at the Optimum Group Partnerships Company’s end of year appreciation dinner to celebrate the companies 25 years of excellence in promoting Security and Safety in various countries.

For 25 years, Optimum Group Partnerships has been committed to delivering security and safety excellence anchored on security technology and innovation, delivering outstanding products, services and solutions to its customers.  

Speaking at the event, the CEO stated that KARA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Opticom (K) ltd, and committed to work together to achieve better safety standards at the neighborhoods. He pointed out that one of the areas of focus of the partnership is promoting Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. This is the effective use of the built environment through tactical design to reduce both crime and the fear of crime, effectively improving the quality of life. The primary objective of this approach is to promote crime prevention rather than reaction to crime. This is achieved through surveillance and access control to private spaces.

Other activities to be undertaken within the framework of the MoU include: Facilitating education, awareness and direct engagement between Residents Associations and key security sector stakeholders on security issues; Supporting Resident Associations to develop security and safety management strategies and operational plans aimed at reducing crime and anti- social behavior in the neighborhoods; Designing and administering comprehensive security, safety and disaster management training for community leaders. He noted that These activities, coupled with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, will certainly positively transform neighbourhood security and safety and by extension make our country safer and secure.  

Kara looks forward to continue working together with Opticom to make our communities safer, more inclusive, and more connected.