Increasing illegal buildings along Tudor creek in Mombasa county and other sub counties have irked the locals saying majority of them are being constructed without approvals of relevant authorities.

The residents of Tudor Norah claim several storey buildings are being constructed near the ocean without being approved by County government, National Environment Management Authority, National Construction Authority and other authorities.

The complaints come at a time when Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir flagged 97 buildings being put up without permission, irregularly approved while others suspended for not contravening set safety standards.

Mr. Shakeel Khan, Tudor Norah Residents Association chairman said they have tried contacting the contractor but he has defied their call. “The building touches the ocean mark, several magrooves which we have been protecting have been cut and we do not know where he will be disposing wastes of tens of people who will be occupying the house that is why we want the construction be stopped until those issues are addressed,” said Mr. Khan.

According to NEMA document about the project, there was no approval of the building which is touching water point at Tudor Norah and that there was no Environmental Impact Assessment report done on the ongoing project. “At time of visit at the site, development was ongoing and there was no proof of EIA report thus we recommend the contractor to cease all operations,” read NEMA document.

Tudor Member of County Assembly Samir Balo said he will move the matter to the floor of the house to ensure there is compliance in all building in the county. “It’s a concern not only to people of Tudor Norah but to Mombasa and Kenyans at large. We do not want disaster that is why I will move motion to the assembely for discussion and push relevant authorities to take action,” said Mr. Balo.

In the report released by County government two weeks ago by governor Nassir it showed that 97 buildings, which were under construction in Mombasa County, had not been approved by the County Housing Department.

Following the revelation, Nassir stopped all constructions being undertaken in the six sub-counties of Mombasa; Kisauni, Nyali, Likoni, Mvita, Chagwmwe and Jomvu. Nassir gave contractors and investors a seven-day ultimatum to resubmit their drawings and all the necessary documents for re-approval before construction works resume at their sites.

Addressing the media at his office, Nassir said that the preliminary report also showed that some 67 buildings that were under construction differed from the designs and plans that had been submitted to the county for approval.

“The most shocking thing is that we have three properties that were issued with stop orders, but are still going on illegally,” said Nassir.

In his third executive order, issued last month, Nassir commissioned a Taskforce to assess and audit compliance in the construction in Mombasa.

Nassir said that the intention was to ensure that all buildings in Mombasa are up to code and provide occupants with adequate infrastructure for water and sewerage.