Kara held the 1st debate for Nairobi City County Gubernatorial candidates on 17th June 2022.

This is the first among a series of debates to be held across the country to provide a platform for Resident Associations to engage gubernatorial candidates and understand their plans for the County if elected. The debates also provide an opportunity for the candidates to understand the expectations and priorities of County residents as far as service delivery issues are concerned.

The candidates who participated in the debate included Mr. Harman Grewal, Ms. Nancy Wambui, Mr. Denise Kodhe, Mr. Polycarp Igathe and Mr. Kenneth Nyamwamu. Discussions focused on key service delivery areas such as Land & Physical Planning; Environment, Water & Sanitation; Road Infrastructure Development & Transport; Public Participation; Housing among others.

Speaking during the opening of the debate, Kara CEO Mr. Henry Ochieng said that the debates provide an opportunity for voters to assess the candidates and make informed choices on the person who will deliver on the service delivery expectations of County residents.

During  the debate issues of corruption  and unemployment  among the youths took centre  stage, with each  candidate making  a solemn  commitment  to fight corruption   and create  an elaborate  system  where  businesses  can thrive and jobs can be created.

Mr. Polycarp Igathe, the Azimio la Umoja gubernatorial candidate defended himself on his resignation as a Deputy Governor in 2017. Mr. Igathe while  responding  on why he unceremoniously  quit the  office  said he never wanted to associate himself with  what he described as   ‘rot’ in the City Hall, adding that he could  not just sit and watch  the people  of Nairobi  suffer  without being able to provide solutions. He noted that his government will focus on a strong vibrant economy where women and youth are empowered; a safe, clean and secure environment for people to work and live in, and ensuring outstanding service delivery for all. He committed to work very closely with Resident Associations and include their representatives in key decision making organs of his administration.

Nancy Wambui a gubernatorial  candidate  running  on Usawa kwa Wote party said  during her tenure  in office  as governor, she would  come up with housing  projects  and a vibrant  cash flow management system to cushion  the small and medium  enterprises. “Leadership must be centered on service delivery, my admiration will embark on the housing project, so that every Nairobi resident can own a house at affordable rate” she said.

Mr. Harman Grewal said that he will ensure enhanced revenue collection by streamlining all government transactions and making them digital. He pointed out that he will fight corruption by applying technology to track all financial transactions and working with Kenya Revenue Authority to adopt modern technological approaches in the collection of taxes. 

Mr. Kenneth Nyamwamu, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) party candidate vowed to make Nairobi a smart city by using technology to provide solutions. He stated that his government will reduce business licenses by 50%, and set aside Ksh.50 Billion for Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs), in order to make Nairobi more business friendly. He added that his government will also ensure there's adequate and efficient garbage collection across the City.

Mr. Denise Kodhe urged residents of Nairobi to elect leaders with visions and high level of integrity during the August 9 General Elections.“It is its high time Kenyans vote for those leaders who will include them in decision making in order to address the problems facing them” he said. He stated that his government will engage with Resident Associations to enhance service delivery in neighborhoods across the City.

At the end of the debate, all the candidates signed a commitment to address service delivery issues raised by Nairobi residents if they win the election.

You can watch the Nairobi Gubernatorial Candidates Debate here :