Kara hosted the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Deputy Director General, Mr. Kangethe Thuku at a virtual forum organized to get feedback from NMS on service delivery concerns

that had been raised by Resident Associations at the 1st dialogue forum and to receive updates on the service delivery successes, challenges and plans for Nairobi County.

Speaking at the forum, Mr. Thuku stated that NMS was committed to working with Resident Associations on service delivery issues in a streamlined and structured way. The Deputy DG highlighted some of the achievements and challenges faced by NMS in delivery of services in the key sectors under its jurisdiction. He noted that NMS was receiving various complaints from Resident Associations on illegal developments being carried out at the neighborhood level. To resolve the issue, NMS established an e-construction permit system for building approvals which allows residents to lodge complaints on upcoming developments in their neighborhoods. He however stated that hackers had gained access to the system’s Quick Response (QR) code and effected numerous illegal approvals, forcing suspension of approval of development plans through the system. He added that NMS had developed draft policies on development control and land use to sustainably guide upcoming developments within the city.

The forum was also attended by NMS Directors from various departments who responded to service delivery issues that were raised by members during the 1st forum.. It was agreed that there was need to establish an online system for Resident Associations to raise complaints/issues on service delivery, and get timely feedback on actions that have been taken by NMS to address the issues. It was also agreed that NMS team will organize site visits to some of the estates to assess the situation on the ground and find amicable solutions to the service delivery challenges.

Kara will continue to engage NMS through the quarterly dialogue forums to review and receive feedback on service delivery concerns by its members.