President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the official launch of the National Land Information System (NLIS) at the National Geospatial Data Centre in Nairobi, on 27th April, 2021.

The system, dubbed Ardhisasa, is a land resource management platform that is designed to enhance efficiency in record-keeping, quick transactions and curb fraudulent deals at the Ministry of Lands.

The launch now means the ministry has ended the manual application of land documents and services. The digitization of land services has, however, begun in Nairobi and will be rolled out in other counties in phases. At the click of a button, users will now be able to search and carry out various land transactions, drastically reducing human interactions, delays and other inconveniences previously experienced at manual land registries. Ardhisasa platform is a Kenyan innovation built after three years of painstaking work by a multiagency team of young Kenyans. Citizens and investors will now be able to access Government services and information on land from the comfort of homes or offices, using mobile phones or computers.

Kara: 18th May 2021