The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) is set to demolish houses in the high-density Umoja estate in Nairobi over planning violations that have resulted in the encroachment of Mutindwa-Kifaru Road.

KURA which is upgrading the motorway, has asked owners of 20 plots in the estate to demolish structures that have encroached the road reserve failing which the agency will dismantle them at owners’ cost.

In a Notice to the property owners signed by Kura’s director for legal services Mr. Peter Bosire, stated that “Your enumerated plots above are located at the centre of Mutindwa-Kifaru Road which is part of project roads.The road reserve for this section is 18m as per the approved and authenticated survey plans while the available corridor on the ground is only 9m wide. Your properties are encroaching on 9m of the road reserve. In view of the above, and to avoid any delay and inconvenience to the ongoing project, you are required to have surrendered the encroached portions of the road reserve of Mutindwa-Kifaru Road as at the close of business on March 29,” the notice said. Kura said the contractor was clearing the site, having already commenced earthworks at some sections in readiness for construction of the main roadway, side drains, and walkways.
Nairobi has seen a construction boom in the past two decades and developers have often tried to maximise their plots by flouting city planning guidelines sometimes with the help of dishonest lands officials leading to widespread encroachment of road reserves.