Following the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between KARA and Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), a team from KARA held a meeting with NMS representative from various Departments to establish effective mechanisms of engagement on service delivery issues.

The NMS team who attended the meeting included Mr. Charles Sikuku (Director, Lands, Housing, Urban Renewal and Urban Planning), Mr. Martin Eshiwani (Director, Roads and Transport), Ms. Marion Rono (Housing & Urban Renewal Department), Ms. Patricia K’omudho (Department of Environment), Mr. Domenic Mutegi (Department of Urban Planning & Physical Development), Ms. Sabina Musengi (Department of Housing & Urban Development), and Mr. Paul Mwangi (Compliance and Enforcement Department).

Speaking during the meeting Charles Sikuku, Director, Lands, Housing, Urban Renewal and Urban Planning, stated that NMS recognizes the critical role Resident Associations play on service delivery agenda and is keen to strengthen collaboration with the Associations for better service delivery in Nairobi. KARA’s CEO Henry Ochieng stated that the objectives of the MoU signed between NMS and KARA should be actively pursued through implementation of the various activities captured in the document. He noted that Resident Associations are keen to collaborate with NMS and NMS should be more responsive to the service delivery needs of the Associations.

It was agreed that NMS will identify a liaison person in each of the four departments that fall within its mandate and link them to KARA. The liaison persons will actively engage with KARA to receive service delivery issues and promptly provide response on action taken to address the issues raised. This is expected to address the current challenge of long response time by NMS on issues brought to their attention. It was also agreed that a second Resident Associations Round Table Forum with the Director General will be organized to reflect on the issues raised during the first forum and address any issues that Resident Associations may raise. It was agreed that regular meeting between Kara and the various NMS departments will be convened to review the collaboration and agree on how to address any emerging issues, for the benefit of Resident Associations.