Kara participated in a Webinar hosted by PAMOJA IMARA initiative focusing on the “strategic humanitarian responses towards Covid-19.”

Pamoja Imara is an initiative convened by the Multi-Sectoral Forum (MSF) as a platform for the COVID-19 response. The initiative brings synergy and collaboration around humanitarian response actions amongst the various sector members of the MSF and other leading humanitarian organizations in Kenya. The meeting was organized to reflect on the strategic responses towards Covid-19 undertaken by the humanitarian community, the challenges experienced and the lessons learnt during and post Covid-19 period.

Kara CEO Mr. Henry Ochieng, in his address at the forum stated that Kara played a key role in facilitating effective community engagements in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. He shared some initiatives undertaken by Kara to mitigate the risks caused by the virus within communities. The initiatives include partnership with UN Habitat to establish permanent hand washing facilities within Nakuru’s informal settlements; Advisory to Resident Associations on measures to minimize the spread and impact of the virus in the communities; Development of community response online platform to facilitate sharing of information regarding COVID19 situation across various neighborhoods; facilitating awareness creation and mobilizing communities to participate in mass testing. Mr. Ochieng stated that Kara will continue working with its partners to promote community driven best practices in the fight against the pandemic; coordinate community responses, and create awareness across the country as part of mitigation measures communities.