Members of the Nairobi County Assembly want an audit of all building approvals and land transfers in the capital amid concern that some officials have abused their positions to cut fraudulent deals.

The ward representatives now want Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) to investigate issuance of building approvals and acquisition of land in the county since 2010.

This is after the county legislators passed a motion urging the NMS to probe officials suspected to be colluding with “cartels” to steal land and contravene standard building plans.Parklands MCA Jayendra Malde, the sponsor of the motion, raised concerns over increased cases of land grabbing in the county propagated by corrupt officers in the planning department through questionable transfer processes.

The MCA cited the recent grabbing of public land in his ward which had been set aside for the construction of level three Highridge public clinic. He called on the county government and NMS to evict the private developers from the spaces and repossess the land back to the public.