Two decades ago, an idea to establish an umbrella body of residents associations in Kenya was actualized through the formal registration of the Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations (KARA)

in September 2000. KARA was formed out of the need to replicate successes of its founding members at a national scale. The alliance works with both the County and National Governments to ensure better governance and improved service delivery to Kenya’s residents across the country.

Over the years Kara has steadily championed the interest of its members and facilitated formation of resident associations as vehicles for structured engagement between the government and the public on service delivery agenda. With the democratic space opening up and citizens becoming more and more interested in government transparency and accountability, resident associations have emerged as effective mechanism of engaging with the Government. The place and role of residents associations cannot therefore be overemphasized.

As we mark our 20th Anniversary, we are alive to the fact that the coming years are going to be even more challenging and demanding for the Alliance. But we are confident that the impact of Kara and its members will be much greater and will immensely contribute to the transformation of our country. We would like to thank all our members, friends and partners for the steadfast support in the last 20 years that enabled the Alliance to achieve notable milestones. We value your support and look forward to continue working with you to scale even greater heights in the coming years.