Four popular clubs in Nairobi's upmarket area of Kilimani, Nairobi have failed in a bid to stop their imminent closure, as they appealed against the revocation of their licenses.

Justices Gatembu Kairu, Agnes Murgor and Sankale ole Kantai dismissed the application by Explorers Tavern, B-Club, Kiza Restaurant Lounge and Space Lounge, which sought to suspend a decision last October ordering the closure of the clubs by NEMA over noise pollution.

The judges said they were not convinced that the appeal would be rendered useless, if the orders stopping the closure were not granted. They said when Covid-19 pandemic hit the country in March,and the government ordered the closure of public establishments to protect citizens.
“These facts are admitted by the applicant and the 4th respondent. Considering the facts of the case, the Covid-19 pandemic, and even the public interest we are not satisfied that the intended appeal would be rendered nugatory absent stay. For all these reasons the motion fails and is dismissed,” said the judges.
Residents under Kilimani Project Foundation, moved to court arguing that noises from the four nightclubs was denying them sleep. Besides the noise, residents argued that the revelers littered the area, obstructed vehicles and exposed children to immoral and indecent behavior, and that property prices had plummeted, hurting rental incomes.