The ban on single-use plastics in Kenya's biodiversity hotspots including wildlife sanctuaries, wetlands, forests and beaches is set to be enforced from June 5th 2020 in line with a directive issued by the president during the 2019 World Environment Day celebration.

The ban on single use plastics in the protected areas was announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta when he addressed the opening plenary of Women Deliver 2019 Conference in Vancouver, Canada where he informed the meeting that the ban will help minimize pollution of protected areas and restore their ecological dignity in line with domestic and international statutes.

Kenya participated in the United Nations Environmental Assembly held in Nairobi in May 2016, approving resolutions to address environmental issues such as marine plastic litter and microplastics, biodiversity, air quality, chemicals and waste, illegal wildlife traffic, and sustainability. In December 2017, Kenya also became one of 57 countries to join the UN’s #CleanSeas campaign, committing to promote recycling, protect national bodies of water from marine plastic litter, and reduce the prevalence of single-use plastics.

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry in consultation with Kara and other stakeholders, has developed an action plan for implementation of the single use plastic ban. The ban on plastics underlines the government’s commitment in addressing the plastic pollution menace, in line with the various legal provisions on waste management and conservation of natural resources and ecosystems.