Kara has organized the 3rd Annual Resident Associations Excellence Awards (AREA)

to identify, through a public-driven and interactive process, and reward Resident Associations that have demonstrated exemplary performance in influencing provision of better services and championing the interests of their members. The awards are informed by the fact that Resident Associations play a very vital role in enhancing access to public services and improving quality of life in Kenya yet these efforts are rarely recognized and appreciated. Additionally, there is need to focus public attention on the importance of Resident Associations in promoting structured engagement with the government and improving service delivery in Kenya. We hereby invite entries from Resident Associations or members of the public for potential awardees under various categories.  To submit your entry, you are required to complete the attached entry form and send to the secretariat on or before 8th November 2019. Any entries received after the closing date will be automatically disqualified. Details of the award categories and selection criteria can be found in the attached background information document. Selection Criteria: Awards Submission Form