A survey commissioned by Kara and carried out by Ipsos reveals that majority of residents in the big five Counties (Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru and Uasin Gishu)

rank roads as the most important development projects undertaken by county government. 56 per cent of respondents cited roads as the most important projects. Health was next at 12 per cent, with education and water projects at 10 per cent each. Only 1% of the 1,320 respondents cited agriculture, security and provision of electricity as important projects.

64% of the respondents also indicated that access to education has improved with introduction of devolution. Kisumu County had the highest number (72%) of respondents who reported an improvement in accessing education. On health, 59% of respondents said that they have noted significant improvement in access to health services while 35% reported improvement trade development.

The survey revealed pparticipation in county meetings and county budget processes were the main ways associated with public participation but only 20% of respondents said that they have ever participated in a meetings organized by the county government where the agenda was development. Uasin Gishu had the highest number (29%) while Nairobi had the lowest (13%) of respondents who have ever participated in a meeting organized by the county government.

On Ease of doing business and status of entrepreneurship, the survey found out that 32% of respondents have a concern when it comes to revenue generation within their county government. Majority (57%) of respondents mentioned that there are too many taxes/levies being introduced by the county government thus overburdening them. 80% of respondents reported that since introduction of devolution, the taxes have gone up with 59% indicating the their economic well-being has gone down. Nakuru has the highest number (65%) of respondents who feel that their economic well-being has gone down.

The objective of the survey, conducted between 24th and 28th June 2019, was to ascertain public perception on specific service delivery areas in the five Counties and provide data that can inform decisions on areas that stakeholders should give more attention. The areas of focus for the survey were Public Participation; Ease of Doing Business and Status of Entrepreneurship; Human Development Indicators and Environmental Trends in the five Counties.