The Urban Areas and Cities Act (2011) section 22 schedule 2 provides for the establishment of the urban boards to facilitate the management of the urban areas.

The Urban Boards are expected to engage with the citizens through the citizen forum. The County Government Act under Article 90 (g) provides for establishment of citizen forum to facilitate structured engagement between the Government and various stakeholders. It is expected that the Boards will have in place mechanisms for involving citizens of their respective municipalities in various decision making processes.

Based on the above mentioned legal requirements, Kara partnered with Civil Society Urban Development Platform (CSUDP) and the newly established Nakuru Municipal Board to organize a citizen engagement forum between various citizen interest groups in Nakuru and the  Board. The forum provided an opportunity for the Nakuru Municipal Board and the Citizens’ interest groups to engage on the development agenda, responsive governance and effective service delivery. Speccificall, the forum sought to achgieve the following objectives:

  • To facilitate establishment of a citizens forum to strengthen engagement between Citizens and the Board and generate consensus on the suitable pathway for formal establishment of the citizens forum in Nakuru.
  • To provide a platform for the newly established Board to level expectations and clarify mandates with the citizen representatives.
  • To build a common understanding on the Kenya Urban Support Programme for Nakuru County.

The forum was attended by members of the Municipal Board led by the Chairman Mr. Lawrence Karanja; various interest groups drawn from Resident Associations, housing cooperatives, civil society organizations, SMEs, Manufacturers, Women Groups, Youth Groups, People living with Disabilities, Academia, Artists, Professional Associations and Religious institutions.

The Nakuru Municipal Citizen Engagement forum provided an opportunity for the newly established Board to highlight the development projects in Nakuru Municipality. Te Board was able to interphase with the citizen interest group representatives and expounded on its mandates, with clarity on the related citizens’ fora responsibilities towards meeting its development aspirations and contribute to improved quality of life in the municipality and county at large. To enhance engagements with the Board, an interim committee representing the citizen interest groups was established to ensure continuous and structured engagement between the Board and all stakeholders at the County, a key step towards the functioning of the established citizen forum.