Kara hosted the 2nd Annual Resident Associations Excellence Awards (ARAEA) Ceremony on 2nd December 2017 at Sarit Centre.

The ceremony, which was part of the 3rd Kara Business Expo and Conference event, was presided over by Mr. Charles Mwaura, the Principal Secretary, State Department for Housing and Urban Development. ARAEA is designed to reward Resident Associations that have demonstrated exemplary performance in promoting sustainable development and access to better public services in Kenya.

It address the twin issue of celebrating the work of Resident Associations in Kenya and rewarding those that have done exceptionally well in influencing provision of better services as well as championing the interests of their members. The awards are also intended to promote learning and stimulate positive competition aimed at promoting effectiveness of Resident Associations in the service delivery agenda.

The winners were identified through a public driven and interactive process which included Resident Associations or the public making entries for the various award categories. The 8 categories were: Mazingira, Usalama, Maji, Mihadarati, Ujenzi, Viwanja, Afya and Mawasiliano. Out of the 81 entries submitted by various Resident Associations, 14 winners were identified and awarded at the colorful ceremony. The winners were as follows:  







Runda Residents Association

Garden Ridgeways Residents Association



Ngei Phase2 Langata Residents Association

Runda Residents Association



Garden Ridgeways Residents Association

Runda Residents Association



Komarock Residents Association




ImaraDaima Estate Residents Association

Garden Ridgeways Residents Association



South C Residents Association



Runda Residents Association

Syokimau Residents Association



Garden Ridgeways Residents Association

Karen Langata District Association

 Speaking at the awards ceremony Mr. Mwaura congratulated the winners and encouraged them to continue advocating for better services and championing the interests of their members. he said that the government is that the government will involve Resident Associations in the development of framework for implementation of the affordable housing agenda.

The awards are informed by the fact that Resident Associations play a very vital role in enhancing access to public services and improving quality of life in Kenya yet these efforts are rarely recognized and appreciated. Additionally, the awards hope to focus public attention on the importance of Resident Associations in promoting structured engagement with the government and improving service delivery in Kenya.