The integration of Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) facilities into spatial developments has not yet received sufficient attention from the government and its implementation agencies.

Therefore, urban development and infrastructure has significant deficiency with regard to the provision of quality infrastructure, facilities and services. NMT users are at risk using most roads in Nairobi, with pedestrians and cyclists being the most affected in road fatalities. At a Kara NMT forum, experts challenged the government to give due attention to Non Motorized Transport and invest in providing adequate facilities for its users. The forum was organized to provide a platform for both state and non state actors to discuss the current status of NMT (Policy, Institutional and Infrastructure) and opportunities for its integration in the ongoing initiatives such as the BRT. The forum was attended by experts on transportation issues from the private sector, civil society, government, institutions of higher learning among others. Eng. Moses Kuiyaki from Nairobi City County Government stated that the government has incorporated NMT facilities on a number of roads in Nairobi and more roads have been identified for upgrading to make them NMT compliant. The government was however challenged to implement the NMT Policy that was recently enacted to ensure proper coordination and a holistic approach to issues of NMT.