According to The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) Chairman Mr. Francis Ole Kaparo, Kenya is at its worst cohesion index just few months to the general elections.

The index is at 40 per cent compared to 2012, a year before the 2013 general elections, when the index was at 56 per cent. He revealed this during Kara’s 49th Bimonthly Talk Series forum where he addressed participants on Kenya’s National cohesion and integration status. Mr. Kaparo said that Kenya is currently divided along ethnic lines more than ever before with counties leading in perpetuating violence despite efforts to reduce tension.

He warned that come 2017, Kenya should brace itself for a possible violence emanating from counties' leadership wrangles The situation is made worse by the fact that leaders and Kenyans in general don’t want to talk about the divisions and come up with a solution.  “We are too shy to speak about it claiming every day that we are a peace-loving nation, because we do not want to scare away tourists. We must confess people are getting killed every day especially from ethnic violence" said Mr Kaparo.

Kaparo also decried the lack of political goodwill in the fight against hate mongering, saying even though sections of the political class had previously cooperated with the commission in restoring peace to volatile areas, majority lacked the goodwill to promote a cohesive nation. He said that the situation in the country had immensely deteriorated due to the current political heat.

As a long term measures to address the Cohesion and Integration challenges, the Commission is consulting with the Ministry of Education on possibility of introducing peace and cohesion subjects in schools. “We would like our young learners to grow up appreciating the different cultures and dynamics in Kenya so that they can live peacefully as brothers and sisters.

The forum was also addressed Dr. Bernard Mogesa from the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) and renowned constitutional lawyer Prof. Yash Pal Ghai both of whom urged for political tolerance and peaceful coexistence in the country.  Prof. Ghai pointed out that political parties have a  role to play in addressing cohesion challenges and they should be compelled to have members spread across the Counties….. Clickheretoreadthefullstatement