The Alliance’s Programs can broadly be categorized as follows:

  • Governance & Advocacy
    KARA applies informed advocacy to address the concerns of its members and improve access to public service delivery. We are spearheading participation and representation of resident associations in various key decision making organs in order to have our membership become more informed, educated and remain proactive on issues that are important to the development of their local communities. We strongly believe that entrenchment of good governance is key to improving service delivery. This aspect is applied strongly in different sectors such as environment, finance, water, security, taxation, among others.
  • Environmental Management, Water, Health and Sanitation

KARA promotes environment-friendly policies and practices among its' members. We seek the involvement of the youth, residents and corporate organizations on clean, sustainable and livable environment. The Alliance has in place a multi-disciplinary environment committee composed of respected academicians and environmental practitioners who work closely with the secretariat in developing and implementing initiatives aimed at promoting best environmental practices.

KARA has previously worked with the National Aids Control Council in promoting protection of human rights of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDs in Kenya. KARA has also partnered with NACADA to eenhance the fight against alcohol and drug abuse through promotion of positive media competition. The Alliance is a founding member of Kenya Water and Sanitation CSO’s Network (KEWASNET) which promotes good governance in the water, sanitation and health service delivery.  

  • Security, Safety and Disaster Management
    KARA, through its multi-sectoral Security, Safety & Disaster Management Committee (SS&DMC) is actively involved in initiatives aimed at promoting security at the neighbouhood level as well as mitigating against the various security, safety and disaster management challenges experienced across the country. We are actively involved in the Nyumba Kumi initiative in partnership with the National Taskforce on Community Policing.
  • Information, Education and Capacity Building
    KARA is actively involved in educating and informing the public on their rights, roles and responsibilities as far as governance and service delivery is concerned. This is done through structured and regular platforms of engagement such as the Bi-monthly Talk Series (BTS), Residents Dialogue Forum, Quarterly luncheons, Chairmen’s forum, Members mailserve, social media among others. We are also actively partnering with County Governments to conduct training for County leaders & officers on various areas relevant to their work. The trainings are tailored to build capacity of County leaders & officers for better service delivery.
  • Partnerships

KARA works closely with several partners such as development partners, government, corporate organizations, community based organizations, research institutions, environmental groups, local authorities and professional organizations that support her objectives. Under these arrangements, emphasis is placed on synergies and joint efforts required to produce significant changes for the Alliance’s members. KARA is a member of National Habitat Committee; Decentralization and Governance Non State Actors Network (DEGONSA), Eastern Africa Federation of Resident Associations (EAFRA); International Downtown Association (IDA); Nairobi City Transport & Urban Decongestion Committee; National Taxpayers Association (NTA) among other affiliations.