The Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations (Kara) is the apex body representing the voice and pro-active action of resident associations on consumers and taxpayers' rights countrywide – on accelerated access to public service delivery.

Kara was formed in 1999 out of the need to replicate successes of her founding members  at a national scale. The Alliance was registered in September 2000, (under the Societies Act Cap. 108, section 10), as an umbrella organization wholly mandated to coalesce with a view to tackling the service delivery challenges people face on day to day basis, in a structurally unified voice.

At an operational level, Kara focuses on the delivery of Kenya’s 47 Counties as potential engines of the socio-economic growth and national democracy in terms of improved service delivery to the residents within their respective jurisdictions.

Kara is a non-political, non-profit, non-denominational and a non-racial welfare society which continually seeks to accelerate equitable access to public services, by all Kenyans and at all times. The realization of the common interests of our people has made it imperative that Kara invests in information, education and communication around issues of essential service delivery.

This gigantic task has led us to believe, through experience, that Kenyans are able to pool together their resources – peace, unity, demand and struggle for transparent and accountable leadership, zero tolerance to corruption, prompt payment of national taxes, among others – would assist Kenyans to narrow the non-poor and the poor gap. Hence, our rallying call – “Together, We Will”!

To date, Kara is keen on advocacy especially on functional devolved governments. Specifically, we focus on the realization of a grassroots based good governance and public accountability, environment, education, security, water, land, judicial and overall consumers' and related taxpayers concerns. Beyond advocacy, Kara is continually investing in forging working and sustainable public-private partnerships with Government, private sector and even the larger civil Non-State Actors.

A society where all are empowered to attain a living space that permits a life of dignity

To inculcate partnerships and promote good governance, transparency, accountability and ethical practice in public service delivery for all.

Core values:

  • Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability
  • Teamwork Spirit and Integrity
  • Meritocracy, Knowledge and Skill, Sustainability and Diligence
  • Gender Equity and Participation
  • Justice, and Fairness
  • Respect for Human Rights and Dignity
  • Diversity and Inclusivity