The Sh6 billion Buxton affordable housing project in Mombasa has received an award after achieving the mixed-use development model.

The award is in recognition of the social amenities and facilities the project has incorporated, including having provisions for a community centre, kindergarten, social hall, sports courts, green areas and swimming pool among others.

The project received the Gold Star Award from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) Africa after achieving an 86 per cent mark.The project survey and scoring were done by both the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) and ITDP Africa, a non-governmental organisation.ITDP Africa is focused on providing technical expertise to accelerate the implementation of transport systems and urban development policies to improve inclusivity and resilience.

“The inclusion of the social amenities, the project connectivity time to town, the disability and elderly-friendly environment, its active amenable frontages and the project’s adherence to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design have made it possible for us to receive the award,” Ahmed Badawy, chief executive officer of the project said.

The Buxton Housing project is part of the national government affordable housing agenda.The project, which will have 1,900 housing units, sits on a 14-acre prime parcel of land within the Mombasa Central Business District.