The Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning will create modules and interfaces on its current and existing land digital platforms to allow professionals transact land issues without visiting its physical offices.

Lands Cabinet Secretary Ms. Farida Karoney said, the ministry had digitized the registration and land records in order to manage land in a transparent and accountable manner. Ms. Karoney however attributed the delay in transactions to the verification process, which she noted was necessary in ensuring that landowners who have private titles to public property do not go away with it. “Persons registered in public lands and two people owning titles of the same land shall not transact until the process of verification is done to allow them do their transactions.” She stated.

The CS was speaking during an open forum to discuss the challenges that clients face at the Lands Registry, which brought together the Ministry of Lands, Law Society of Kenya and the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya.

The challenges discussed included the Ardhisasa platform, issues on central registry, conversion of titles and long term leases and sectional titles.  Karoney pointed out that the Sectional Property Act 2020 required the Ministry to convert existing properties long-term leases of apartments to framework of the Sectional Property Act of 2020. She said the regulation took a long time and they have until December to implement the law.

“For new apartments, we shall register them under Sectional property Acts of 2020, for already existing apartments where half of the leases are registered in the framework of long term leases, we will allow the rest of the leases to be registered and then they can convert to Sectional Property Act of 2020,” said Karoney. She added that the long-term leases over land will be allowed to transact in digital platforms until the geo reference law is required. On issues concerning  missing files, the CS stated that due to the transition phase  from manual system to digital platform , a lot of files will go missing  but they will work with the land owners to solve the problem. “If your file is missing you can now download it on Electronic Document Management Platforms,” advised Karoney.