Residents of Kitengela in Kajiado County are set to benefit from improved infrastructure, a sewerage system and enhanced access

to clean water following the town’s elevation into a Municipality. Kitengela, one of the fastest growing urban centers in Kenya, has a population of 154,436 people according to the2019 census.  The town is 30km south of Nairobi, forming part of the greater Nairobi Metropolitan Area.

Speaking during the launch of the Municipality when the board that will manage it was also unveiled, Governor Joseph Ole Lenku termed Kitengela elevation a milestone.

“By successfully pursuing a charter for the municipality and unveiling its board, the first journey is over. The second one which entails how to use the municipality status to transform the lives of the people leaving here, has just started,” Lenku said.

Some of the benefits residents expect to reap include integrated rail and road transport and the fact that the municipality status makes Kitengela a socio-economic zone. They will also benefit from integrated solid and liquid waste management e-governance, and smart city operations as well as the creation of special economic zones.

Section 9 of the Urban Areas and Cities Act empowers the County Governor, on the resolution of the County Assembly, to confer on a qualifying town, the status of a Municipality by grant of a Charter in the prescribed form. The law allows a county to declare an urban area a municipality if it has a resident population of about 50,000 people. For an area to be declared a town, it has to have a population of atleast 10,000 residents, and a market center would only require about 2,000 residents.