Kara and Kenya PET Recycling Company Limited (PETCO Kenya) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

on enhancing consumer awareness on management of post-consumer PET bottles in Kenya neighborhoods. As part of the ongoing efforts to promote responsible and sustainable waste management in the country, KARA and PETCO Kenya have committed to jointly develop strategies, initiatives and infrastructure to ensure efficiency in the collection, disposal and recycling of PET plastic bottles in the residential areas.

Speaking during the signing ceremony PETCO Kenya Country Manager, Ms. Joyce Gachugi stated that there is need for consumer behavior change in order to achieve a lasting impact in waste management in the country. She added that consumer awareness on waste management practices, such as segregation and recycling can be enhanced through structured engagements with resident associations across the country. She also noted that the Government recently enacted the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Regulations for all products and packaging to enhance environmental sustainability.

“Through this agreement we aim to create awareness among residents on collection, recycling and disposal of PET bottles in the residential areas and  generate wealth from waste and the resultant value chain that can be set up around this process,” said Ms. Gachugi.

On his part, KARA CEO Henry Ochieng reiterated that consumer awareness is key for sustainable management of plastic waste in the country. He stated that the partnership will is timely and the envisaged activities will be key in creating awareness in neighborhoods on management of post-consumer PET bottles. He added that Kara will work with PETCO to promote collection of post-consumer PET bottles in in the residential areas.

“Huge amounts of waster are generated at the household level and effective engagement with Resident Associations in the process of segregation, collection and recycling, will greatly contribute to embracing of circular economy approach to management of plastic waste at the neighborhood level, and lead to regeneration of value out of used plastic bottles,” noted Mr. Ochieng.

Under the agreement, PETCO Kenya and KARA will promote collection of post-consumer PET bottles in residential areas and build capacity of resident associations on sustainable environmental management. The parties will also engage County Governments and other partners to explore possibility of scaling up the program.