The County Government of Nakuru has raised a red flag over mushrooming of illegal structures in the County.

Land, Housing and Physical Planning Chief Officer Ms. Judy Waihenya said some rogue private developers are taking advantage of ‘distraction’ caused by COVID-19 pandemic to erect structures without seeking approval from relevant authorities. “Some developers have taken advantage of reduced or absence of enforcement officers on the ground and are now putting up structures in total disregard of the zoning policy, which gives guidelines on how many floors a structure should have, and the maximum number of buildings allowed in a certain zone,” she said.

She warned that her department would sustain audit inspection of buildings to ascertain their structural safety, their habitability and whether the economic activities of the buildings were what they were intended for. She warned that the department was on the lookout for such illegal structures and will not hesitate to bring them down.

Ms. Waihenya reiterated that even as the devolved unit redeploys financial resources and manpower to battle spread of the Coronavirus, it has revived inspection and safety audit of buildings in the region in collaboration with National Building Inspectorate (NBI) that kicked off last year.

“The County administration is determined to get rid of rogue developers and engineers who are taking advantage of Covid-19 crisis to build substandard and risky structures. The audit exercise is running concurrently with enforcement of laws on non-compliant building structures. Safety audit will also be conducted,” she said.

Ms. Waihenya also advised tenants to start demanding from their landlords occupation certificates to be sure that the buildings they are occupying meet the required standards.