The Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) have agreed to partner with Kara in rolling out initiatives that will promote safe disposal of biomedical waste from COVID -19 at households and community level.

The partnership was discussed at a meeting between Kara representatives, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Principal Secretary, Dr. Chris Kiptoo and Ag. Director General of NEMA Mr. Mamo Boru. Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Kiptoo noted the critical role of organized communities in service delivery and stated that the Ministry will actively work with Kara towards achievement of its mandate. He said that the government has developed National Waste Management Policy and Bill that will ensure transition into circular economy and zero waste approach to management of waste. 

In regard to the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, he said that the Ministry would like to work with Kara to mobilize communities and put in place mechanisms that will ensure proper use and disposal of personal protective equipment such as facemasks and gloves. Mr. Boru, said that NEMA will continue its work with Kara with an aim to promote environmental sustainability initiatives and enhance compliance to various environmental laws and regulations. He also stated that NEMA had developed guidelines on the management of COVID-19 waste in accordance with waste management protocols established by the Ministry of Health, and will work with Kara to sensitize Resident Associations on the new guidelines.

It was agreed a formal framework of collaboration will be established to guide engagement between Kara and the Ministry and enhance service delivery to Kara members.