Embu County residents have faulted the County government for not engaging them effectively in the governance of the County.

Speaking during the 73rd edition of the Kara Bi-Monthly Talk Series forum held in Embu County on 5th July 2019, participants said that the level of public participation on various service delivery initiatives is not satisfactory and doesn’t live up to the letter and spirit of the Constitution. They said that the County Government has not put in place sufficient avenues and platforms for public participation and this has affected their level of participation in decision making.   
Representing the Embu County Government at the meeting, the Deputy Governor , Hon. David Kariuki assured participants that the County government had put in place measures to ensure effective engagements with various community groups. These include: Establishment of a communication and public participation department that is responsible for planning and executing all public engagement activities in the County; active use of social media and local media stations to disseminate information and get views of the public on various issues.

Speaking at the same forum, Embu Citizens Oversight Network (ECON) Chairman Mr. Alfred Muriuki urged the county government to involve residents in the budget making process. “The budget is for the people and public participation should not be a formality. It is sad that most of our views are ignored,” he said. He also urged the residents to organize themselves through structured groups so as to hold the county government accountable and ensure transparency in delivery of services.
Mr. Nicholas Gitobu, Director at Center for Public Participation urged the county government to ensure enforcement of the Embu County Public Participation Act that was enacted in 2015. The Act provides a framework for public participation in the County.

Kara CEO Mr. Henry Ochieng urged participants to strengthen coordination among various community groups in order to develop an effective approach to engaging the County Government. He also said that Kara is ready to work with the County Government to facilitate formulation of a Resident Associations engagement Act to provide a legal framework for engagement between Resident Associations and the County Government.