Resident Associations have challenged the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) to focus on enhancing accountability and professionalism in the private security sector.

Representatives of the Associations who spoke at the 72nd session of the Kara Bimonthly Talk Series Forum welcomed the ongoing sector reforms noting that it will address some of the challenges they have had with private security firms hired to take care of various estates.

Speaking at the forum, the Chief Executive Officer of PSRA, Mr. Fazul Mohamed said that he will work very closely with Resident Associations to understand challenges of the sector and come up with responsive solutions. He noted that some of the security firms have operated in a very unprofessional manner in the past and the anticipated reforms will streamline the sector and ensure that only firms that meet set standards are allowed to operate.

Other speakers at the forum included: Dr. Simiyu Werunga (Director, East Africa Institute of Security Studies); Mr. Cosmas Mutava (Chairman, Protective Security Industry Association), Mr. Silvanus Sewe (Chairman, Security Sector Board, KEPSA), and Mr. Martin Nkaari (Director, The Security Academy).

Dr. Werunga emphasized on the need for the Authority to provide civic education and awareness to citizens on the proposed reforms as well as the legislative frameworks and regulations affecting the industry. He also urged the Authority to build capacity of the private security actors by establishing Continuous Professional Development programs for individuals and companies. Mr. Mutava urged the Authority to ensure that the basic human rights practices and principles are adhered to by the private security companies. Mr. Nkaari on his part said that the proposed reforms in the sector will enhance community policing initiatives and urged the Authority to benchmark with other regulatory Authorities across the world in order to improve its services to the industry. Mr. Sewe said that the private sector is ready to embrace the anticipated private security sector reforms and will work closely with PSRA to ensure successful implementation of the reforms.