Section 12 of the Urban Areas and Cities Act (UACA) provides for the establishment of City or Municipality Boards to manage service delivery affairs of the County.

The momentum for establishing such Boards has picked up partly because of the conditions embedded in the Kenya Urban Support Programme (KUSP) that has been rolled out by the World Bank. The composition of the Boards is spelt out in Section 13 and 14 of the Act and each Board is expected to have a Neighbourhood Associations representative. Kara has written to the Governors drawing their attention to the provision of the law and the role of Kara in the formation of the Boards. Below is a letter sent to the Governors:
As you are aware, Section 12 of the Urban Areas and Cities Act (UACA) provides that the management of a City or Municipality shall be vested on the County Government and administered on its behalf by a Board constituted in accordance with Section 13 or 14 of the Act. The Act also prescribes membership to the Board and how the members are to be identified and appointed.

Allow me to draw your attention to Section 13 (2) (d) of the Act which provides that among the membership of the City Board will be a representative of Neighbourhood Associations nominated by a cluster representing registered Neighbourhood Associations in the area. The same applies to a Municipality Board as captured in Section 14 of UACA.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 12, 13 and 14 of the Act, The Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations (KARA), the national umbrella body of Neighbourhood Associations in Kenya and a co-convener of the Urban Boards Non State Nominating Agencies (UBNA), rolled out a process of identifying suitable representatives for Neighbourhood Associations in either the City or Municipality Boards for various Counties. The process took into consideration the criteria prescribed in Section 13 (4) of the Urban Areas and Cities Act and the criteria developed by UBNA which is a caucus for the nominating bodies prescribed in Section 13 (2) of UACA. UBNA is recognized by the Council of Governors (CoG) and Urban Development Directorate (UDD) under the State Department for Housing and Urban Development.

The purpose of this letter is therefore to bring to your attention the role of KARA in providing a nominee to the Board as prescribed in Section 13 (2) (d) and 14 of UACA and notify you to contact us as and when you are ready to constitute the Board so that we can provide details of our nominee. We look forward to your cooperation and working together with you for the benefit of county residents.

Henry Ochieng
Chief Executive Officer