Following reports of a Motion by Hon Anthony Kiragu Karanja, Member of County Assembly for Waithaka Ward in Nairobi County, to review zoning policy for zone 4,5 and 15,

Kara petitioned the County Assembly to have the Motion shelved and allow for more stakeholders consultation on the matter. Our intervention was informed by the fact that zoning policy review should not be a unilateral process and should be informed by the level of infrastructure capacity of the targeted zones. The County Assembly provided a comprehensive response to our petition giving assurance that a decision has not been made regarding the Motion and advising that we engage the County Executive on the matter.

In a meeting between Kara and the Planning Department of Nairobi City County Government, the Director of Planning, Compliance and Enforcement, Mr. Justus Kathenge explained that the Motion was a suggestion by the Member of County Assembly regarding zoning policy review but has since been shelved since review should be carried out within the broader framework of the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Master Plan (NIUPLAN). Mr. Kathenge said that zoning policy review may be done during the preparation of development guidelines and regulations meant to operationalize the Urban Planning aspect of NIUPLAN. The process will allow for extensive stakeholders engagement and take into consideration concerns regarding infrastructure capacities of the various zones in the City. Kara will continue engaging the County Government on the matter to ensure that no decision that has adverse impact is made by the County Government.