The State Department for Housing and Urban Development appreciates the role of KARA over the years in facilitating conversations on issues touching on the built environment. The theme of the KARA Business Expo and Conference: Enhancing quality of urban life in Kenya through Resident Associations is indeed appropriate as it comes at a time when the Government is facilitating the provision of one million affordable housing units by 2022.

As a Nation, we undertook development of the Popular Version of the New Urban Agenda which was launched by His Excellency the President in May this year. This popular version speaks to our priority areas which are urban management and shelter strategies, rural- urban linkages and development, sustainable urbanization, good governance, youth empowerment, environmental protection, conservation and green energy, capacity development

KARA has an important role to play in addressing these key strategic areas of the New Urban Agenda which includes;-

  • Sensitizing residents on these priority area such as safety and security in the estates and promoting the “ Nyumba kumi Initiative”;
  • Keeping the environment in residential areas clean; 
  • Forging partnerships with County Wards;
  • Mobilizing financial and human resources;
  • Participating in local, national and international urban forums and learn from the best practices.

In regard to forums, the state department of housing and urban development is spearheading the National Urban Forum (NUF) that will be held on 15-16th January 2018. This is an event that brings together and promotes participatory and multi dimensional approach by stakeholders in the sector to share experiences and best practices in addressing human settlement challenges.

 On the other hand, the World Urban Forum is a meeting that brings together experts from United Nations Member States/Governments and other stakeholders to exchange views on housing and urbanization and human settlements. The 9th Session of World Urban Forum (WUF9) will be held in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia on 7-13th February 2018 with the theme : Cities 2030, cities for all- Implementing the New Urban Agenda.

The Government recognize that housing is a human right (Article 43 1 (b)  of the constitution) and a basic human need, third to food and clothing with social and economic benefits. In this regard and as earlier alluded, we are keen on delivering One Million Housing Units by 2022 in Urban areas across the Nation.

To realize this noble and ambitious undertaking, collaboration of all key stakeholders including Contractors, Developers, Financiers and Manufacturers of building materials, consumers of the houses, cooperatives KARA and even individuals is required.

 This program will incorporate Housing units, social facilities, physical infrastructure, and environmental infrastructure and Commercial infrastructure. 800,000 Units of the Programme will be provided through public private partnership (PPPs) while the Government is expected to facilitate in terms of providing infrastructure and social housing for the low income segment. Advertisement for Expression of interest was undertaken in November  2017 for a Pilot project of 8,200 Units in Mavoko.

Progress has been made towards achieving this programme including :-

  • Meeting with housing cooperatives and SACCOs which is informed by the fact that cooperatives have sizable land, savings and customer base which will provide support to this initiative;
  • Ongoing discussions with pension schemes through retirement benefits authority with a view to unlocking affordable funds.

The one million initiative is in line with the New Urban Agenda geared towards sustainable urban areas and leaving no one behind. We are currently working with all key Ministries to ensure the success and sustainability of the programme. As a state department, our doors are open to innovative and resourceful ideas that will propel us forward. We invite you to identify your niche as KARA and let us journey together in the noble undertaking.

Statement by Arch. Aidah N. Munano; Principal Secretary for Housing and Urban Development During Opening Ceremony of KARA Business Expo and Conference event on 1st December 2017