The government has lifted the extension and renewal of land leases. The process was halted in December 2016 to allow the formulation of guidelines that would guide the process.

Lands and Physical Planning ministry in consultation with the National Land Commission (NLC) have issued guidelines governing the extension and renewal of leases through Gazette Notice Number 5734 of 2017. Some of the key provisions of the guidelines include; notifying the lessee by registered mail within five years before the expiry of the leasehold, application process, and factors to be considered by the national and county governments in processing the leases. Others are the criteria for approval or rejection of an application, the institutions involved in the processing of applications and remedies to be followed in case of rejection of an application.

Land owners seeking to renew or extend their leases will now apply to the NLC which will then, within seven days, forward the same to the Ministry of Lands or county lands executive if the land is under a county. Representatives of the county and national governments may approve the extension of lease for a specified period or decline and give reasons within 90 days of the application. Reasons for rejection include where the national or county government requires the land for public use or proof the existing lease conditions have not been complied with.

NLC can trigger renewal on their own motion by writing to land owners, within five years to the expiry of the lease, as the law gives them 'presumptive rights'. Those whose request will be denied have an avenue to appeal. The Appeals committee will be chaired by NLC chairman and will have other members who include county minister for lands, county commissioner, and representatives from Kenya Institute of Planners, Institute of Surveyors of Kenya, Law Society of Kenya, Kenya Bankers Association, Kenya Private Sector Alliance and the Land Control Board.