Kara in partnership with the Civil Society Urban Development Platform (CSUDP) has convened a consultative meeting geared towards broadening participation in the Urban Boards formation process.

Part III of the Urban Areas and Cities Act (2011) sets the framework for governance and management of urban areas and cities in the devolved status of government. Section 12 (1) provides for establishment of urban boards to manage cities and municipals and each board is expected to have a neighbourhood associations representative.

Discussions on the formation of these urban boards have been going on at different levels with minimal success.  The consultative meeting will seek to understand the recent developments as relates to the formation of the urban boards/committees and the envisaged process for formation of the boards. Participants at the meeting will include: The Urban Directorate Officials from Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, Council of Governors, Civil Society Organizations, Urban Sector Reference Group and Professional Groups.