The 2nd Nairobi Governor’s Roundtable forum with Resident Associations was held on 20th June 2017 to get feedback on the issues that were raised at the 1st forum held in February. The Governor, Dr. Kidero, together with his entire team of County Executive Committee Members participated in the forum that was well attended by Kara members.

Among the key feedback announced by the Governor was the appointment of Kara to the Planning Technical Committee charged with the responsibility of evaluating building plans and related development applications. Kara’s nominee to the Committee is Mr. David Kithakye, who is an Architect by profession and has extensive experience on urban development, having worked with the World Bank and UN Habitat among other organizations. Appointments in other committees like Liquor Licensing Board require repeal of the relevant laws and this has already been initiated by the County Government.  

It was agreed that in order to closely monitor progress made in implementation of the service delivery issues raised by Kara members, a liaison committee will be appointed with representation from Kara and the County Government. Based on the recently enacted Community and Neighborhood Associations Engagement Act, the County Government has signed a recognition agreement with some Resident Associations and agreed on areas of collaboration. For better coordination and ease of follow up, it was agreed that Kara should be notified when such agreements are being signed and give a copy of the agreements.

The County Government officers gave response on actions that have been taken to address specific service delivery issues raised at the first meeting. It was agreed that a comprehensive written response shall be prepared by the County Government and forwarded to Kara. It was also agreed that the County Government shall provide contact details of the all the sub-county administrators so that Resident Associations can engage them at the sub-county level.