Prudent management of resources, accountable governance, increased agricultural productivity, strong partnerships and good post harvest practices in agriculture could be the answers to sustainable food security in Kenya.

This is according to various experts who made presentations at the Kara Bimonthly Talk Series forum convened to discuss sustainable solutions to food insecurity in Kenya. Dr. Abbas Gullet of Red Cross Society; Mr. Richard Aiyabei, Managing Director, Agricultural Development Corporation and Mr. Robert Shaw, Public Policy & Economic Analyst suggested a ray of interventions that need to be put in place to realize short and long term solutions to food challenges facing Kenya.

The forum was attended by various experts, members of Kara and general public who expressed disappointment at the government tendency to address symptoms and respond to emergency as opposed to putting comprehensive mechanisms in place to address the real causes of food insecurity and find lasting solutions to the problem. Development of a national strategy to link production to consumption was identified as a starting point to addressing perpetual food shortages.

The experts warned that with the Kenyan population growing exponentially and the food production growing linearly; it was just a matter of time before the country returns to a subsistence level of existence as a result of overtaxing its available agricultural resources. The forum identified specific action areas and follow ups will be made with the Government and other stakeholders in order to sustain advocacy for sustainable solutions to food insecurity.