Kiambu County has followed in the footsteps of Nairobi City County to enact a legislation that recognizes and provides for structured engagement with Resident Associations.

After successfully pushing for enactment of Nairobi City County Community & Neighbourhood Associations Engagement Act, Kara has been working closely with Hon. Eng. Peter Karanja, Member of County Assembly for Kahawa Sukari Ward and founder member of Kahawa Sukari Residents Association to have a similar law developed and enacted for Kiambu County. After several months of lobbying, the Kiambu County Community and Neighborhood Associations Promotion of Participation and Engagement Bill, 2016 has finally been signed into law by the Kiambu County Governor and is now an Act of the County Assembly of Kiambu. The objectives of the Act are as follows:

  • Establish a legal framework for the engagement, promotion and facilitation of community and neighbourhood associations in their support, co-operation and collaborative efforts with the County Government in the delivery of services;
  • Enhance public participation in the decision making by the County Government especially with regard to service delivery and thus give effect Articles 10 and 174 of the Constitution;
  • Recognize and facilitate community and neighborhood initiatives in complementing County Governments services including security, waste management, water, sanitation, public health and other utility provision;
  • Establish a recognition framework for the community and neighborhood associations;
  • Provide for competencies and responsibilities of the community and neighborhood associations;
  • Establish framework for strengthening capacities and synergy of community and neighborhood associations to enforce regulations aimed at enhancing service provision;

Kara will continue working closely with the Kiambu County Government, Resident Associations and other stakeholders in Kiambu County to ensure that the law is effectively implemented for the benefit of Kiambu County Residents. We will be moving to other Counties to initiate development of similar laws in our efforts to strengthen and support the enormous contribution of Resident Associations in the service delivery agenda. In the meantime, we are still pushing for the enactment of the National Resident Associations Bill to address the interests of Resident Associations at the National Government level.