The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) will work with Resident Associations in its civic education programs and campaigns.

Speaking at the 53rd Kara Bi Monthly Talk Series forum held on 13th February 2017, the Director of Voter education Mr. Rasi Masudi pointed out that Resident Associations are important channels for civic education given that they are well organized and have effective ways of passing information to their members. The forum was convened to discuss and assess the level of IEBC preparedness  and Kenya in general for the upcoming general elections.

Mr. Masudi said that IEBC was ready for the elections and had lined up a number of key activities before the date of the elections. These included: mass voter registration, audit of register, nomination of candidates by political parties, deployment of election technology, results management, voter education and stakeholders meetings. He noted that the Comission may not meet its target for voter registration as some Kenyans don’t seem interested in registering as voters.

Other speakers at the forum included Mr. Nuku Kamasa, Deputy Head of Mission at the High Commission of Ghana and renowned constitutional lawyer Prof. Yash Pal Ghai. Mr. Nuku shared experiences from past Ghana elections, highlighting some of the key ingredients that have led to successful and peaceful elections in the past. He pointed out that Ghana has cultivated a democratic space that allow citizens to choose their leaders in a free and fair manner. This has created confidence and interest among the citizens on elections.

Prof. Ghai urged Kenyans to embrace the national values and principles of governance and service delivery as espoused in the Constitution of Kenya. He urged for respect for right to vote, rule of law and challenged civil society to play a more active role in monitoring electoral processes and identifying malpractices.