Pursuant to Section 11 of the recently enacted Nairobi City County Community & Neighborhood Associations Engagement Act, 2016,

Kara in collaboration with Nairobi City County Government held the inaugural Governor’s Roundtable forum with Resident Associations on 28th February 2017.

The  forum was organized to provide an opportunity for Resident Associations to directly engage the County Government on service delivery issues and agree on how to collaborate in enhancing access to better services. The Governor, Dr. Evans Kidero, together with the County Executive Committee Members and other senior County officers attended the forum to share the County’s achievements, plans and respond to issues raised by participants. Leaders of various Resident Associations across the City graced the forum.  

Speaking at the forum, the Governor, Dr. Evans Kidero stated that the County Government recognizes the critical role Resident Associations play on service delivery agenda and is keen to strengthen collaboration with the Associations for better service delivery in Nairobi.

“Nairobi Residents through their respective Resident Associations should take a keen interest on matters affecting Nairobi and work closely with the County Government in finding solutions to service delivery challenges” he said   

The Governor said that in order to give Resident Associations a stronger voice in decision making, Kara will be included in various County Committees such as Planning Approval Committees and Environment Committees.

Kara Chairman, Mr. Richard Nyaga welcomed the move by the County Government to enact the Nairobi City County Community & Neighbourhood Associations Engagement Act to provide a legal framework for collaboration between Resident Associations and the County Government. He also applauded the County Government for developing the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Master Plan (NIUPLAN) that provides a framework for coordinating diverse development in Nairobi.

“We expect that the enactment of the Nairobi City County Community & Neighbourhood Associations Engagement Act and development of the NIUPLAN will go along way in effectively addressing some of the service delivery challenges that the residents of Nairobi face” he said.

During the forum, Kara and the County Government signed a Cooperation Agreement to provide a legal and structured framework for implementation of the Nairobi City County Community & Neighbourhood Associations Engagement Act. The agreement highlights specific service delivery areas where Kara and the County Government shall collaborate and also provide for the obligations of each Party. Bona fide members of Kara will benefit greatly from this arrangement as their issues will be prioritized by Kara and the County Government.

The 2nd Roundtable Forum will be held on 20th June 2017 to receive updates on the steps the County Government has taken to address the specific issues presented by Resident Associations and also discuss any emerging service delivery issues with a view to agreeing on the necessary solutions

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