Resident associations yesterday asked the county government to outsource some services to them for better management and delivery.


 The Kenya Alliance of Residents Associations complained to Governor Evans Kidero about poor services offered by City Hall. Kara held a breakfast meeting with the city boss at the Crowne Plaza.

Chief executive Henry Ochieng said residents are grappling with many challenges.

“Poor state of roads, traffic congestion, and poor drainage systems are common in Nairobi. Some estates have not seen road development for many years. If you visit those areas, you will wonder if you are still in Nairobi,” he said.

Ochieng said illegal structures have mushroomed in the estates, compromising security and making the city “ugly”.

Chairman Richard Nyagah said: "It's high time some of these services are outsourced to us."

Resident John Kimondo blamed the county for allowing bars to operate in the estates and near schools. He said some play loud music, disrupting learning and inconveniencing the residents.

Despite writing many letters to the county about the issues, the county has never responded, Kimondo said.

A resident from Mountain View said: “I don’t think we are in Nairobi. We have no roads and water comes to our area once a week.”

Kidero said the city has been grappling with challenges that have slowed down service delivery. “Infrastructure in Nairobi has suffered 50 years of neglect and we cannot be corrected it in one day,” he said.

Kidero said he inherited a city without a development plan. He said despite this his administration has achieved some milestones.

Kidero accused some resident associations and private garbage collectors of dumping on roadsides and streets. He said 2,000 out of the 2,500 tonnes of waste generated in the city each day are collected and deposited at the Dandora dumpsite. This is up from 1,300 tonnes collected before 2013. This has been made possible by the purchase of 100 garbage trucks and the 20 private firms hired to collect trash.

Kidero said the county’s plan to remove roundabouts on major roads would have improved traffic flow three times, but was sabotaged by people he did not name. The county has built 400km of road, he said.

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