The Nairobi City County Community & Neighbourhood Associations Engagement Act came into effect on November 26th 2016 following the lapse of 90 days after being signed into law by the Governor on August 26th 2016.

The law provides a framework for structured and effective engagement between Resident Associations and the County Government. Kara has constituted a technical subcommittee chaired by Mr. David  Kithakye to develop cooperation agreement as provided for in Section 6 of the Act. The agreement will stipulate the roles and responsibilities of each Party and will be discussed with the County Government with a view to having it adopted and utilized to guide the cooperation between Resident Associations and the County Government. The County Government has also hired a consultant to develop regulations for the Act and Kara has had initial meeting with the consultant to discuss the details of the regulations. Kara is keen to ensure that the law is effectively implemented and its intended objectives are met.