Representatives of Residents Associations who attended the Kara Chairpersons’ forum held on 27th September 2016 resolved to support Kara

in ensuring effective implementation of the recently published Nairobi City County Community and Neighbourhood Associations Engagement Act, 2016.

It was agreed that Kara will engage the County Government on behalf of its members, in developing the recognition/agency agreement as stipulated in the Act. Below is a summary of the resolutions made:

  • Members wishing to enter into recognition and/or agency arrangement with the County Government as provided for in the Act should write a letter to Kara requesting the Alliance to act on their behalf and negotiate the recognition/agency arrangement with the County Government.

b)   Kara will engage the County Government with a view to agreeing on the content of the recognition/agency agreement between the County Government and Residents Associations

c)   Members who have the relevant expertise like lawyers and planners are requested to volunteer to work with Kara in drafting the agreements to be discussed with the County Government.

d)   The Act is supposed to take effect on November 26th 2016 and members agreed to send their letters mandating Kara to act on their behalf before then. The letters should be copied to the Governor, Nairobi City County Government and quote section 6 and 14 of the Act.