The National Land Commission (NLC) will work with Kara to address various challenges affecting management of public land, especially open spaces within neighbourhood.

Speaking on behalf of NLC CEO during the Kara Chairperson’s forum held on 27th September 2016, Mr. Francis Mugo (Director of Finance & Administration) said that Residents Associations are key in identifying cases where open spaces are being tampered with and working with the Commission to protect such spaces. He added that Kara should play a leading role in creating public awareness on issues of public land administration as this will enhance capacity of the public to know what steps to take when faced with land challenges and hence protect public land from misuse or grabbing.

It was agreed that a Memorandum of Understanding be signed between Kara and NLC to provide a framework for collaboration on areas of mutual interest and ensure that land challenges affecting Residents Associations and the wider public are affectively addressed.

During the forum, the Commission through its legal officer, Ms. Niuster Bitok, responded to each of the land issues that were raised by Kara members during the previous Chairpersons forum. It was agreed that pending action on some of the cases will be finalized by the Commission and comprehensive feedback given to Kara by end of November 2016. Kara members who may be having land challenges that have not been brought to the attention of the Commission should channel their complaints through Kara for onward transmission and follow up with the Commission.